Columbia, South Carolina

Scouts BSA offers outdoor programming for girls and boys ages 11-17.

Female troops are forming to start in February 2019.

Interested in joining? Fill out the contact form for girls here.

Boys 11-17?  Girls or boys 4-10?  Find a troop or pack at:

Or contact the Indian Waters Council.

Question for troop 2870 (girls) please send us a message here.


Current female troops in the Columbia, SC area:

Troop 91 Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church - Columbia 

Troop 425 - Zion Lutheran Church - Lexington

Troop 2870 - Windsor United Methodist Church - NE Columbia

Troop 9518 - Red Bank United Methodist Church - Lexington


Recruiting Events

There is a recruiting event for girls on Saturday, February 2 at Camp Barstow.


This page created by Troop 2870.  If you are not in the NE Columbia area, we will forward your information on to our council leadership and troops in your part of town.

Some details like annual cost may be different for other troops.


Do you want to Hike, Camp, Backpack, Canoe, Kayak, Shoot, Sail, Ski, Rock Climb and more?

Scouts BSA is for you!

Scouts BSA is for girls and boys ages 11-17.  

Troop 2870 is a girls-only troop that meets every week for fun activities, with outings planned every month.

Scouts practice outdoor skills while also learning about first aid, citizenship, nature, and more.  

Activities revolve around four things: Adventure, Leadership, Learning, and Service. 

Most activities for troop 2870 will be separate from boys troops (exceptions: camporee, scout camp).


Why should you consider Troop 2870 in the Scouts BSA program?

Significant outdoor knowledge and experience is required for rank advancement.

Girls can now earn the well-respected Eagle Scout award.

The BSA provides a well-established program for developing leadership skills.

Scouts BSA requires duty to God.

All adult leaders of troop 2870 must undergo both BSA Youth Protection Training and Safe Sanctuary Training.

Female adult leaders are required at all events with girls.


Girls’ Troop 2870 is forming in the NE Columbia area starting in February 2019.

Weekly meetings are planned for Sunday nights from 7:00-8:30 with troop activities scheduled each month.  


Interested?  Just fill out this form to get more information:


Estimated Costs: $75 for first six months.  Normal annual cost is $175 which can be reduced or eliminated by fundraising.

 Uniform shirt with patches is about $50 and a full new uniform is around $120.

 Used and reduced-cost uniforms are available. Activities are usually $20 per weekend.


The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is evolving their programming and some people are not aware of all the information that is available. A few points of note:

1. Girls have been part of the BSA for decades in Venture (1998) and Explorer (1969) groups.  These groups in the past have been co-ed, male-only, or female-only.

2. Girls’ troops will be separate from boys’ troops, although some linked troops may share a charter organization, troop committee of adult leaders, and some activities like court of honor and some campouts. Meeting activities for troops will be separate.  Troop 2870 has decided to not have combined meetings or campouts with a boys' troop. 

3. The BSA program for ages 11-17 is rebranding to "Scouts BSA" in February, 2019. This program will include both troops of girls and boys.  All Scouts BSA troops will be part of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization which is not changing names.

4. The boys’ 11-17 program was named “Scouts BSA” in the 70s so this change in names is not terribly new.

5. Allowing girls a path to the rank of Eagle Scout is a significant development. They will have the same advancement requirements as the existing program for boys.   Rank requirements are not changing to accommodate girls in any way.

6. Boys can still be boys and girls can do anything the boys can do.  Troops can go shoot rifles, shotguns, and bows. Various fishing merit badges are available.  Cooking, Camping, and First Aid are three of the thirteen merit badges required for Eagle.  Scouts can do whatever they want, within the existing rules and limits.

7. There are no plans for co-ed troops in the 11-17 program.  Co-ed BSA Explorer and Venturing programs exist for ages 14-21.  Scouts earning First Class rank in a troop can complete requirements up to Eagle in a Venture Crew.  The Order of the Arrow honor group plans to start initiating girls into their group.

8. The BSA still requires "Duty to God" and expects scouts to follow the points of the Scout Law: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

9. Charter organizations can choose to have (or not have) a girls group linked to the troop they sponsor.  

10.  Scouting should be about having fun.  Hopefully scouts learn useful knowledge and have opportunities to develop leadership skills along the way.